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Idjitcast Season One Episode Eight “Bugs”


This week, it is the rainforests of Oklahoma for Sam & Dean. Here they find the old Indian burial ground, and guess what? It’s cursed! Now nature itself, in the form of insects & arachnids, shall take on any White Men who settle in the valley, and (in theory) none will survive the last night!

Join us as:

Paul drops a Plucky Duckling reference, does someone pick it up?

We ponder tribal relocations as they relate to Oklahoma. (Hint: They went the other way, in history.)

We celebrate the lifesaving power of a really good huddle.

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Sue Watches Buffy #3

IMG_1651In this installment, Sue and Em discuss the epic episode run that is Surprise to Passion and find out if Buffy (and Angel) managed to surprise Sue. We tackle subjects you’d expect like the relationships in the show, how much of a d-bag is Angel? and can he ever come back from this or did he reach the point of no return? Also did Emily play another Captain and Tennille song? (She wouldn’t want any of her listeners to be culture free.)

Come listen and hear newbie Sue’s reactions to these great episodes and find out if she can come up with any theories on where we might go from here.

Sorry for the supersized podcast this week, but any one who has seen these episodes probably understands— perhaps you might want to break it up into a couple listens. Beep! If you stay until the end, you can get a taste of what it’s like podcasting when you have family.

Idjitcast Season One Episode Seven “Hook Man”

Hook Grab

Here’s a new episode of Idjitcast to get your hooks into!

Sam & Dean travel to Ankeny, Iowa where it appears the famous “Hook Man” urban legend is coming true. The boys come to the aid of a P.K. who is unknowingly judging people, thereby selecting them as targets for the spectral figure.

Heidi joins us as we:

Discuss the blending of urban legends in the episode.

Contemplate the purity of silver.

Note the recurring presence of pool tables in the show.

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Dungeon Escape – A Fantasy Game You Can Play With Kids

photo-main (1)

From Twizz Entertainment comes a really cool very fun card game, Dungeon Escape which is described as memory with a twist. The artwork is amazing and it’s easily a game that anyone can play. It’s got a nice simple gameplay and gorgeous artwork. For $20 you can get a physical copy of the game. Look at the cool stuff for the game:


I really love the idea of a very simple game, with a twist. If you’re someone who loves playing games but don’t have a lot of similarly minded people a game like this would be great for them. I’ve found that muggles (i.e. non-hardcore geeks) like simple games. Anthony, the designer, actually was inspired to make this game to have a game that his wife would like to play. If you want an overview of how to play check it out here:

Check out the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vampires/dungeon-escape-a-classic-game-of-memory-with-a-twi-0

Investigating Mars Episode #076- Postgame Mortem


On this episode of Veronica Mars, the basketball coach is murdered and Logan is depressed but finds a new girl to spend time with. On this episode of the podcast, Marie joins us for a wild and crazy recording session where we talk about teeny bopper bands and determining ancestry based on toes. Quote of the podcast: “For the most part, I don’t know if you can judge people by their toes.” -Jimi

Idjitcast Season One Episode Six “Skin”


Nuchtchas guest hosts this week. We watch Sam and Dean decipher the troubling trend of people apparently binding and killing those they love. It turns out there is a shapeshifter on the loose, and it has the ability to absorb people’s minds. This allows us unfiltered access to some of Dean’s inner thoughts and jealousies about Sam.

Listen in as we:

Discuss the lack of the original music cuts on the streamed version of the show.

Contemplate whether it is worth it to undergo multiple painful skin-shedding transformations in a couple hours.

Dare the creators of the show to remember that Dean is now dead in Missouri and give us a callback on this point at a later time.

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Sue Watches Buffy #2

normal_buffy211-033Well, Sue has made it halfway through season 2 and this chunk of episodes just might be her favorite yet (I wonder how long that is going to last…) We review episodes Lie to Me through Bad Eggs this time, and Sue enjoyed Ted as much as Em thought she would and may have liked Bad Eggs more then expected and she found Kendra’s accent as torturous as we all did.

Join Yes Mother Podcast as we share our thoughts and favorite and least favorite parts, and hear Sue’s predictions on what is going to happen next including who she thinks will end up as this season’s big bad.

Ghostlight Podcast Season Three, Episode Two “Vex Not His Ghost”


It’s time for another episode of the Ghostlight Podcast! The New Burbage Festival rehearsal season is in full swing. Charles Kingman fails to endear himself to the rest of the cast of King Lear, & Richard begins attending rehearsals of the new musical “East Hastings.” Meanwhile, Geoffrey seeks out professional counseling to get to the bottom of his weeping and other performance issues.

Listen as we discuss: Cast list rabbit holes.

Shakespearean verse.

The perils of actors and dancers sharing living space.


Con O’Drisceoil wrote the theme song, and you can get a book/CD set that includes his original recording here: http://celticgrooves.homestead.com/CG_Book_ODrisceoil_Spoons.html Or for Brendan Nolan, performer of our theme, go to http://www.brendannolan.com

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If you are in Chicago or just have an interest in crowdfunding independent arts, please check out my good friend Lorelei Sturm’s production of “The Yellow Wallpaper” at this link http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yellow-wallpaper-a-new-theatrical-adaptation-by-the-mill/a1e1

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Tickets