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Sue Watches Buffy #22 Part I (S5: E5-7)

500px-0101buffy-spike-fool-for-love-james-marsters-sarah-michelle-gellarWhat do you get when you combine Emily, Sue, special guest Carol, and the episode’s Fool For Love and Darla amongst others? Answer: An extra big discussion. Part one is bigger then part two, but I just couldn’t cut it off before Fool For Love, so they’re uneven. I think I will be forgiven, and I’m trying to stay on track, so watch for part II in just a few days.

This episode will answer a few of your questions, such as: Did Sue like Fool For Love or is she off the podcast?  Next week is it just going to be called “Em Watches Buffy”?  How did she feel about Spike’s human persona? Join us as we give you our take on these epic episodes and discuss them as only Em and Sue can. (Long and yes- a few bits of laughter.)

Sue Watches Angel #21 (season 2: Judgment – Dear Boy)

imageWell, here we are in season 2 and already it’s looking much more promising than season 1. In this podcast, we discuss Judgment (and why the bip it’s spelled that way), Are You Now or Have You Ever Been, First Impressions, Untouched, and Dear Boy. We try to flesh out all the movie references in Are You Now, and we discuss the mysteries of Darla, as well as a lot more.

Come join us on Sue’s first journey into the Buffy Verse as we laugh our way through the entire 2 series.

Oh and the intro? That really was the best one out of like 50.

Sue Watches Buffy #20 (Season 5: 1-4)


Well, here we are at season 5 and Emily couldn’t be happier. Em and Sue discuss Sue’s thoughts on how this season begins and what she thinks of it. We have some laughs (I don’t think we stop laughing while talking about The Replacement). We hear a few theories from Sue about Dawn and this new Spike thing.

Join us! We are having a lot of fun and you all know this season is good!



It is with a heavy heart, we have to proceed through this season with out the feedbacks and guest hosting of Bob DeGrande.  He passed away, and so we dedicate this podcast to our friend Bob. We are going to miss you and your contributions! The Buffy podcast community at large feels your absence.  RIP

389787_10150399612182497_1486814711_nNote:  Sue and I would like to stop having to dedicate podcasts to people in our life who have passed on.  We’ve had enough, thank you very much.

Except maybe you, Fast Eddy- it’s probably about time.

Em and Sue Watch Psycho III and some other stuff (aka The Jane Wright Memorial Podcast)

Psycho 3“One month after the events of PSYCHO II, Norman is still running the Bates Motel along with “Mother”. Things are going fine until Norman falls in love with a fallen nun, takes in a greedy drifter, a nosy reporter sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong and a series of murders begins once again. ”

That sounds so promising, but it sounds much better than it was. Or that’s what Em and Sue thought. You can either watch the film, or just listen to Em and Sue talk about it. We also discuss some of the other stuff we’ve been watching (I can’t think of anything specific, so just listen to find out). If you don’t give a bip about the other stuff we’ve watched, just skip ahead to roughly 1:20:00 to get to the Psycho III discussion.

Jane Wright 1944-2014

imageWe dedicate this podcast to Em and Sue’s dear mother, Jane Wright, who passed away suddenly on New Year’s Eve. Thanks for being such an awesome mom and grandmother, you are greatly missed. You fostered and nurtured a love of movies in us from a very young age and we owe you a lot.

Norman would be jealous

Sue Watches Buffy #19 (The Yoko Factor – end of season 4)

rileybuffyrest1lHere is the episode in which Em and Sue finish up the infamous season 4. We had help too- guest Carol Swift stopped by to help us recap. We had some good times season 4, we really did. However- we are not sad to wave you goodbye and say hello to season 5.

I have to apologize for the poor audio quality in parts. Because of the troubles I had to make a rough cut or two- so sorry about that. Also listen for the baby that haunted the recording from time to time. Hmmm… maybe there is a simpler explanation for it… The three of us also MIGHT be a little prone to tangents- some I cut out, some I left in, and some I added at the end. Cheers.

Well we did it. Pats on the back all around.

Sue Watches Angel #18 (5X5 – end of season 1)

1.18We are back! We also finished up season 1 of Angel! Yay! In this episode we watch Faith crossover to Angel and possibly find her way to redemption- but only time will tell, cause that Sue- she doesn’t exactly trust Faith.
After that, we get familiar with a prophecy that appears to be about Angel and Angel appears to be pretty happy about it. Cordilla also seems to find something else within herself. Most of all though- Em and Sue are jut happy to be looking at the backside of this season. On to better things!

Oh yeah- the agency exploded and a dead character came back.  I wonder where we go from here…

Sue Watches Buffy (and Angel) #17 (Superstar-Eternity)

417What can I say about the stretch of Buffy episodes that contains Emily’s most hated episode?— We had way too much fun discussing it. Also, it seems to be Sue’s worst episode too. There is definite hope for her. We also discuss some dodgy Angel episodes.
Yeah– more then half of these episodes are terrible, but that doesn’t make for a terrible podcast. Join us while we discuss the Buffy episodes: Superstar, Where the Wild Things Are, New Moon Rising, and the Angel episodes: The Ring and Eternity. We could use the support.

Yes Mother Special Episode: Em and Sue’s Favorite Movies pt2


What happens when Banksy visits the West Bank. (Just continuing the theme).


Here be the rest of our movie podcast– this time with our “sub lists” cause come on! You didn’t really think we could narrow our picks down to just 10 movies, did you? Not a chance. In this episode you will see our lists of: Movies we love but never need to see again, movies we love more then any one else we know, and you can even find out our secret shames and more… (although we spared you all our hoity- toities.)
This episode also has the feedback portion, which was actually our favorite part. Thanks to all who wrote in and shared your lists with us! It was so much fun reading them and getting to know you all better through your favorite movies. We love movies and think these lists provide a special window into your lives, and we appreciate you sharing them with us.

Happy Holidays and Happy (late) Birthday Yes Mother!

Yes Mother Special Episode: Em and Sue’s Favorite Movies

7e2133f8ca581508c753643f84c04b69It’s Yes Mother’s anniversary (or was a month ago), so for that we planned a special episode. We decided to share our favorite movies.
These are the movies Em and/or Sue want to curl up with on a rainy day, movies that shaped us when we were young and movies we just plain think are cool.
I had to break it up into 2 parts and struggled on how to do that. I settled for releasing just our straight up top 10, which will be followed in just a couple of days by our sides lists and YOUR lists or feedback- which is actually a longer episode.

We are putting it all out there folks- try not to make fun of us too much and we hope you still respect us in the morning. But mostly– we hope you all enjoy.

Sue Watches Angel #16 (eps: Somnambulist – Prodigal)

1x13So this podcast includes the episodes: Somnambulist, Expecting, She, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, and The Prodigal. We made it though this pack of tripe and I’m pretty sure Sue is still willing to keep watching. We have a dedicated newbie on our hands people. We even managed to discuss these with quite a few laughs. That’s about all I really want to say about these, I’m ready to leave them behind. If you listen to the end of our podcast however, you will be treated to a Sue dream (containing an Angel reference or two). Almost as good as her dinner with meth heads if you ask me.