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Yes Mother: Em and Sue watch Psycho II (and What We’ve Been Watching)

PsychoIIHey guys- We took a break from Buffy and watched the 1983 sequel: Psycho II. We also discussed a little of what we’ve been watching lately including: The Conjuring and The Innkeepers (which we watched together while visiting our other sisters), Em watched Orange is the New Black, Frank and Robot, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Movie. Sue watched True Blood, rewatched 6 Feet Under, Done the Impossible, Odd Thomas, and An Idiot Abroad.

Come join us! By the way… if you’re only interested in Psycho II (and who wouldn’t be???) our discussion on it starts almost exactly at the 1:00:00 mark).

Sue Watches Buffy #05

Angel_&_buffy_season_three_episode_one_anne_episode_stillEm and Sue are back, and have moved on to season 3.  In this particular podcast they review the first 5 episodes including: Anne, Dead Man’s Party, Faith Hope & Trick, Beauty and the Beasts, and Homecoming.  Did Emily chose this picture because Sue was excited to see Angel again or did she chose it just to bug Sue?  Listen to find out.  Also, listen after the closing song if you’d like to hear Em and Sue’s Emmy nominations rant.

Yes Mother: What We’ve Been Watching, Summer Edition

Hey guys- so we recorded this ages ago, but we were smoking the Buffy episodes, so it kept getting put on the back burner. I had edited it way back a ways too, so I honestly don’t remember much about what is discussed, so lets just make it a surprise for all of us huh?  Ah summer, it does this to me.


Sue Watches Buffy #04

buffy221-buffy2Em and Sue are moving right along as they wrap up season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s another super sized episode as they discuss the episodes Killed by Death, I Only Have Eyes For You (nope, no literal eyeballs Sue- you’ll have to wait for Angel for that-), Go Fish, and The two-parter Becoming.

Sue enjoyed this batch of episodes as we all must have figured she might, but did she find it in her heart to forgive Angel of his transgressions and did she switch to Team Bangel? Uh- doubtful. Join us as we try to pull Sue into the pleasant, yet dank, sunless rabbit hole that is Buffy.

Sue Watches Buffy #3

IMG_1651In this installment, Sue and Em discuss the epic episode run that is Surprise to Passion and find out if Buffy (and Angel) managed to surprise Sue. We tackle subjects you’d expect like the relationships in the show, how much of a d-bag is Angel? and can he ever come back from this or did he reach the point of no return? Also did Emily play another Captain and Tennille song? (She wouldn’t want any of her listeners to be culture free.)

Come listen and hear newbie Sue’s reactions to these great episodes and find out if she can come up with any theories on where we might go from here.

Sorry for the supersized podcast this week, but any one who has seen these episodes probably understands— perhaps you might want to break it up into a couple listens. Beep! If you stay until the end, you can get a taste of what it’s like podcasting when you have family.

Sue Watches Buffy #2

normal_buffy211-033Well, Sue has made it halfway through season 2 and this chunk of episodes just might be her favorite yet (I wonder how long that is going to last…) We review episodes Lie to Me through Bad Eggs this time, and Sue enjoyed Ted as much as Em thought she would and may have liked Bad Eggs more then expected and she found Kendra’s accent as torturous as we all did.

Join Yes Mother Podcast as we share our thoughts and favorite and least favorite parts, and hear Sue’s predictions on what is going to happen next including who she thinks will end up as this season’s big bad.

Sue Watches Buffy #01


CompleteBuffy_Halloween_S2_E6_willowOn this week’s edition of Yes Mother, it’s a Sue Watches Buffy episode! We discuss the first 6 episodes of season 2. We discuss what we like and didn’t like. Sue comes up with some predictions. And listener Keri points out in some feedback that Buffy’s father is played by the actor that played Almonzo in Little House in the Prairie. Sue is pretty excited about this because she thought Almonzo was one of her first childhood crushes. But about 10 minutes after recording she realizes she was thinking of Albert the whole time. Almonzo was the creepy older guy Laura marries way too young and Sue definitely did not have a crush on him. Listen along if you are curious about what Sue thinks of Buffy!

Yes Mother Podcast: Bates Motel Season 2 wrap up (and contest winners!)

bm9On this week’s edition of Yes Mother we are doing our season 2 of Bates Motel wrap up! We each do a top 5 favorite things of the season, we discuss some disappointments and what we hope to see in season 3. We also talk about what we’ve been watching. Em is once again grieving over Mad Men and Sue watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes while camping and may or may not have looked for apes up in the trees after. Who am I kidding? Of course I looked for apes in the trees! We also announce our contest winners and apologize that the podcast announcing the deadline to get contest entries and season 2 top 5’s in posted just a few hours before the deadline we set.

Yes Mother Podcast: What We’ve Been Watching Ep #22

CLH.Oe.0804.serenityIn this episode of Yes Mother Sue and Em talk a little about podcast plans while we wait for season 3 of Bates Motel. Looks like Sue will be watching some Buffy. We announce the deadline to get in on the contest and to get in your top 5 favorite things about season 2 of Bates Motel. And then we get into what we’ve been watching lately. Sue finds out that Green Day is apparently lame.