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Yes Mother Podcast: What We’ve Been Watching for Ep #20

Holy1Kind of a quiet week here in our other watchings. Sue finished Veronica Mars and watched a little Wonder Woman. Em watched Freddie Highmore in Toast (in this movie he has step mother issues). She also watched the mother of all What the Bip movies: Holy Motors.

Find out what we thought of all this and then stay for a little story time with Sue entitled, “Sue’s Dinner with Meth Heads”.

Yes Mother Podcast: Episode #20 S2E9, “The Box”

bates-motel-the-boxThe season is winding down, but not quietly. Dylan is faced with a very tough decision, Norma is going out of her mind not knowing where Norman is, Romero is determined to get answers, and Emma just wants to know why everyone asks if she has seen Norman (has anyone seen Cupcake Boy??). Meanwhile, Norman finds himself in… a box. He isn’t in there alone for too long though, and I don’t mean his bug visitors wink-wink (hint: I mean Norma). He also ends up accompanied by some unpleasant memories.

Join Em and Sue once again as we discuss this very exciting penultimate episode of Bates Motel!

Yes Mother Podcast: What We’ve Been Watching for episode #19

gravity-imax-posterWelcome guests to the what we’ve been watching segment of Yes Mother. Em traded her 1960’s advertising firm for a 1910’s London department store. And Sue totally got her geek on. If you want to hear what that is all about, give us a listen.

And guess what? Somewhere out there right now… there is a tarantula the size of your head biting a small land animal for it’s supper.


Yes Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast, ep #019 S2E8 “Meltdown”

Bl1dDACIAAAk7Ce-650x400Welcome back guests! In this week’s episode of Yes Mother, Em and Sue cover season 2 episode 8 entitled “Meltdown”. Norma is impressed Dylan has an office, everyone seems to want Zane dead and Norman realizes he and his mother are two separate people. Join Em and Sue as they discuss this and more on this week’s edition of Yes Mother.

Yes Mother Podcast: What We’ve Been Watching for Episode #18

Don-Draper-Mad-MenEm’s journey down the rabbit hold of Mad Men is over! She enjoyed her journey very much and we are glad she is back. Sue can’t decide who the best depicted literary character is, Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester and Emily unsuccessfully tries to explain French girls. Sue took Emily up on her challenge last week and watched the Buffy episodes she was asked to watch and possibly more.

Yes Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast, episode #18 S2E7, “Presumed Innocent”

imageOn this week’s edition of Yes Mother Emily and Sue cover season 2 episode 7 of Bates Motel entitled “Presumed Innocent”.  In this episode everyone seems to think Norman is innocent except for Norma.  There is a new super cop in town and Romero seems annoyed with her.  Cody trades the smell of beer and smoke for cat pee.  Emma tries to convince Dylan to go support Norman  and Zane proves to be totally insane and puts everyone’s life in danger.  Listen along as Em and Sue talk about this and more! And there might be a little rant about the current tv rating system.

Yes Mother Podcast: Episode #17 S2E6, “Plunge”


In this week’s addition of Yes Mother we cover season 2 episode 6 of Bates Motel entitled “Plunge”.  Dylan gets to know his boss pretty well.  Norma gets some exciting news from the mayor.  Emma, Norman and Gunner all take a plunge into the river and Cody’s dad takes a plunge down the stairs.   Join Emily and Sue as they talk about this and more.

Yes Mother Podcast: What We’ve Been Watching Ep#16

3014240-poster-p-sharknado-twitter-weather-centerEm is caught in the rabbit hole of Mad Men, but she was able to stop watching long enough to watch the best bad movie ever made. Sue got caught in the rabbit hole of Orphan Black and found time to watch some other things too. And we discuss the finale of season 4 of the Walking Dead.

Yes Mother Podcast: Episode #16 S2E5, “The Escape Artist”

imageWelcome back guests! In season 2 episode 5 of Bates Motel titled “The Escape Artist” love is in the air! Cody and Norman, Emma and Gunner, and what was that look between Norma and Romero? Norma meets with Nick Ford about stopping the bypass, Romero moves into the Bates Motel (yay!), and Dylan saves Zanes life (why Dylan why?) Listen along as Em and Sue discuss this and more on this week’s episode of Yes Mother.

Stay tuned for What We’ve Been Watching…

Yes Mother Podcast, episode #15: S2E4 “Check Out”

imageGuess what guests? I was able to fit What We’ve Been Watching on here too! Sue and I must have behaved ourselves this week.

But meanwhile in the episode, Dylan starts a downward spiral after receiving the most shocking news of his life successfully turning it upside down. Norma pretty much just suffers major mom guilt and is forced to go on a date with George and deal with filterless jerkwads (well, just one). Norman goes on his own little journey…and I use the term “own” loosely. Meanwhile, Emma has her own problems which seem to turn into no problem.

Then, you can listen to Em and Sue discuss their watches of the week. Did Emily flip for The Avengers? Did Sue veer out of PBS territory? Find out by listening to the podcast, you can even earn yourself a room at our motel, the accommodations are nice, and in our Bates Motel, hardly anyone ever gets knifed in the shower. Peepholes and noise tend to be a problem though.