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Yes Mother: What We’ve Been Watching for Ep #14 Plus “Caleb” Part II


The adorable Pierre Perrier (The French name equivalent of Benedict Cumberbatch) from The Returned.

Ok, here is the rest of the bloated two part episode for Caleb. Join Emily and Sue as we review what we’ve been watching this week besides Bates Motel. Emily pretty much took all of Sue’s suggestions and was very happy she did. Sue watched Clerks II and finished Manor House.
Then, if you were wondering What the bip happened to what the bip, it’s here. Plus we rate the show and have theories about what’s next (Emily even has a crackpot theory).

We even muse about Twitter and selfies. This episode has it all!

Oh and Sue- I think you will really like the song I chose.

Yes Mother Podcast ep #14 S2E3: “Caleb”

imageWhat is the female equivalent of the man crush? Because I think I have one of those on Norma Bates.

Welcome back guests! In this week’s episode “Caleb”, Norma makes a new friend. Dylan’s job is becoming a more dangerous place to be because of his new boss Zane. Emma organizes a memorial for Bradley at the beach. Norman makes a new friend and Norma’s brother Caleb comes to White Pine Bay. Join Emily and Sue as they discuss these things and more on the latest episode of Yes Mother Podcast.

(Note from the editor: More is the operative word! I had to edit and edit and finally whittled it all down to still way too long. So, I dumped a bit of stuff on over to the What We’ve Been Watching segment, including our WTB moments and ratings. All that will be out later in the week, in the name of me not having to listen to it all again and make more cutting decisions so this can come out in a timely manner and I keep my sanity in tact. I wouldn’t want to develop some split personality which kills editing software and podcasts and stuffs them with sawdust and… Anyway…NEVER AGAIN CAN WE LET THIS HAPPEN! But this episode was just so interesting and brought up interesting things and I finally watched stuff and The Walking Dead was so crazy… Love, Emily)

Yes Mother Podcast: What We’ve Been Watching, episode #13B

aAtdQIfcnLw.market_maxresHere is the segment where Em and Sue discussed what we’d been watching this week besides Bates Motel. Emily pretty much just watched life pass her by again (for the last time)- but Sue took up the watching Mantle and watched a boat load of stuff. Listen as they discuss the season finale of Downton Abbey, The Young Doctor’s Notebook, The Avengers, and the French Television series: The Returned. Did I miss anything? Maybe.

Oh and why a Radiohead cover at the end? Just cause I can.

Yes Mother Podcast, Episode #13, S2E2 “Shadow of a Doubt”

image Welcome back guests! This week Emily and Sue discuss season 2 episode 2 of Bates Motel titled “Shadow of a Doubt”. This week we find out Norman is hiding Bradley in the fruit cellar, don’t worry, he didn’t taxidermy her. Dylan’s job becomes more dangerous because of the death of Gil. Norma and Norman delight us with a great rendition of “Mr. Sandman” and Norma auditions for the community theater’s production of “South Pacific”. Norma finds Miss Watson’s pearls in Norman’s room and Norman finds a huge wad of cash in his room. And Sheriff Romero feels the pressure of being in charge of a town fueled by drug money. Join Emily and Sue as this latest episode, read some comment cards and do a little spoiler/predictions segment.

Also- What We’ve Been Watching will be out later in the week, we decided to edit it out and release it separately for time (both length of podcast and getting the episode stuff edited quickly).

Yes Mother Podcast episode #12 S2E1: “Gone But Not Forgotten”

imageWelcome to the world ladies! (and gentleman) please watch out for the axe murders and whores under your rugs- maybe you should be sweeping a little more frequently.

Hello Guests! Check in time is now. Bates Motel is back, and boy what a great way to start! The show starts very close to how we ended it- with a cut up Norman and a cut up Miss Watson. The Bates say good bye to her at her funeral, then we say good bye to the Bradley we used to know. Quickly we jump 4 months ahead to a much happier time when sun dresses and pop country are welcome (except pop country is never welcome in Emily’s house). Norma seems on top of the world- but that lasts about 2 seconds until she finds Norman skinning sophisticated animals, the bypass is a go, Bradly is now dark and broody and gun happy, Norman is obsessed with his dead teacher, Dylan’s rent money is tainted, and Sheriff Romero gets sneaky on the sidewalk. What else could be going wrong? Find out by listening to Em and Sue’s discussion on this awesome first episode of the season.

Yes Mother Podcast: Em and Sue Watch Psycho and Season 1 Wrap Up

Psycho_(1960)In this episode of Yes Mother, Emily and Sue talk about the 1960 movie Psycho and discuss some fun facts about the movie. Then for Bates Motel, Emily watched a panel with all the actors and talks about that a bit. And to wrap up the whole season Emily and Sue each do a top 5 favorites of the season. Listen along, and don’t worry, we don’t do a scene by scene recap of Psycho, we just talk about it. Also, if you listen to the end you might be treated to an off topic discussion wherein Em and Sue rant about TV couples through the ages. (Hope you aren’t all Bangle shippers).




psycho-anthony-perkins-as-norman-batesThank you

Yes Mother Podcast: Episode #10 “Midnight”

MV5BMTc4OTcxNTQ3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjYzOTQ1OQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_ Welcome guests!

In the season one finale titled Midnight, Norma goes to Sheriff Romero for help with the Abernathe situation.  He tells Norma he will handle it and to trust him, and of course she doesn’t.  Dylan and Norma bond over some shooting lessons.  Norman overhears Miss Watson’s end of a phone call she meant to be private.  Norma tells Norman a very deep dark secret she’s been hiding for years.  Emma and Norman go to their first high school dance together and Norman proves to be a pretty bad date (What?  Hard to imagine Norman Bates being a bad date…).  Norman goes to Miss Watson’s place after the dance and ends up running home alone in the rain.  Join Emily and Sue as they recap this very exciting season finale of season one of Bates Motel.

Yes Mother, Episode #09 “Underwater”

AandE_Bates-Motel_109_Inside-the-Episode-Ep-109-acirc-Underwater_SF_REVV_HD_768x432-16x9The penultimate episode of the season is here, and everybody seems to be drowning or is it just Bradley?
Abernathe sends Norma some flowers, the trimmers are smoking pot outside their motel rooms and Sheriff Romero doesn’t seem to want to do anything about any of this. Norma is finished with this town and wants to move but gets bad news from her real estate agent. Norman dreams he is drowning Bradley. Emma eats a cupcake given to her by one of the trimmers and gets stoned and Dylan sneaks Bradley into her dad’s old office so she can get his gold watch, instead she finds something else. Listen in as Emily and Sue talk about these things and more in this latest edition of Yes, Mother.

Oh- and I know we all want to know where “B” is:


Yes Mother Podcast: What We’ve Been Watching

philip-seymour-hoffman-6-768Maybe it was because Phillip Seymour Hoffman died a few days before, maybe it was because Sue had just finished Dexter Season 6 AND Sherlock Season 3 had ended that week…or maybe it is because Em and Sue just can’t stop talking to each other about TV and film. Whatever the reason, we had a What We’ve Been Watching segment that was on steroids and it made for a remarkably long podcast that week, so we decided to release it on it’s own so as not to overwhelm you all. Peace and blessings.


scotty-shades1RIP PSH, we will bipping miss you 🙁

Yes Mother, Episode #08 “A Boy and His Dog”

bates-motel-boy-and-his-dog-freddie-highmore-1Yep, that dog is stuffed.

In episode 8 of Bates Motel titled A Boy and his Dog, Norman learns taxidermy from Emma’s Dad, Will. Norma asks Sheriff Romero for a favor and gets shut down. Bradley confronts Norman about telling people they slept together, Norman gets upset and leaves school. The principal and Miss Watson tell Norma they would like Norman to visit a therapist. After a couple strange encounters with Abernathe, Norma decides to follow him and he confronts her about taking something from him and Norma kicks him out of room #9. Dylan and Remo go on a road trip and bond over a bar fight. And Deputy Shelby makes his final appearance. Join Em and Sue as they recap this latest episode of Bates Motel.

Where is the What We’ve Been Watching Segment? You may ask…I made a decision to release it as it’s own thing to cut time down. Look for it… it’s on it’s close behind.


Also– the last two podcast episodes of the season have been recorded and I’m going to do some mad editing to get them all out quickly so we can have them all out before Bates Motel Season 2 starts on March 3rd (and still have time to record and release one more episode after watching the movie Psycho).  So, expect to be bombarded over the next week or so while Yes Mother seems to take over Quadruple Z.