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Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E1 “Dark Paradise” Recap

In this ep of the podcast, we go in depth in our discussion of the episode, going through it scene by scene. In this ep of the show, we catch up with the Bates and friends, about 18 months after the death of mother- whether they know about it or not. Norman and Norma live in a idyllic world, that turns slightly troubling when Norman meets a girl and finds a wallet. But don’t worry- Norman has “the shusher” aka Norma in his head that makes things better. Dylan and Emma are living a practically perfect life in Seattle until a creature from their past shows up.
What could go wrong? I’m sure status quo remains the same till the end of the season…

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E1 “Dark Paradise” Feedback

We’re back and so is Bates Motel! Yay! We are so excited for this season– shhh about it being the last 🙁 We are back, reading your thoughts and sharing ours as we do so. So happy to have so many old faces back and a few new ones too- the motel and B and B are almost as alive with activity as Norman’s motel seems to be. Don’t try to check in by the hour at our place either– we aren’t that type of establishment. Except for the Normero Inn, that’s a whole different story…

Yes Mother: 78/52 and Bates Trailer Talk

Sue and Em had the opportunity to see the film 78/52 at the Sundance Film Festival this year, and we took that opportunity since it was all about the film Psycho, more specifically though– the infamous shower scene.  Yes Please!  So we give our impressions and tell you about it.  Then we discuss the big, exciting trailer for Season 5 of Bates Motel!

Unfortunately, we suffered audio problems through most of it, but the biggest problems happen during the trailer talk.  So I had to cut out parts of it, which made our thoughts sound even more scattered than usual.  Sue is pretty hard to hear through the problems and we really apologize!  I spent a huge portion of today reworking my laptop and downloading a fancy schmancy audio recorder to gear up for next week– so wish us luck!  We want to sound crystal clear for season 5!  Moses not welcome!

Sue Watches Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog -- Image DH_2178 -- Pictured (L-R): Neil Patrick Harris as Billy and Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer -- Credit: Amy Opoka/Courtesy of Timescience Bloodclub, LLC -- © 2008 Time Science Blood Club, LLC.

We got Sue to watch Dr. Horrible finally! This might have been less of a chore had I thought to tell her it had a super hero theme. Oops. Oh well. She enjoyed it.

Again, I must apologize for this recording. Sue’s failed, but B thought to record it (too bad it was too late to hear her extended laugh over my dream car -it’s a Volvo Station Wagon……….NOT FUNNY AT ALL! IT’S AWESOME.) Anyway, this recording is quite tinny and I tried a few tricks and it’s only just a little better. Sorry, we are going to figure this out soon.

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #14 S2:Finale “Epitaph 2: Return”

epitaph-2Em and Sue have finished Dollhouse and we dragged Matt Asendorf along on our journey and he joined us in our discussion of the finale. Dragged may not be the most appropriate word since all three of us ended up enjoying the series. We also enjoy talking to each other and we do so. A lot. Join us as we do our best to stay on topic (lie) and give our thoughts on this finale and the series as a whole.  We also pick our own doll (dumbshow) names.

For the die hards, after the music you can listen to the extended cut where Oscar, Zulu and Bravo discuss drinks, pumpkin, Halloween costumes and yes– Single Vampire Dad (and other things).

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #12 S2Eps9-10 Stop-Loss and The Attic

the-atticAn extra long discussion because it’s been an extra long time? Or maybe it’s because we got Nutty Nuchas to join us since we had to rerecord for the second time in a row and we just can’t stop talking when you add another to the mix. Enjoy!

Make sure you check our facebook page out for dancing cats and drunk trump…

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #10 S2: The Public Eye and The Left Hand

tophersEm and Sue took a little break this last week for moving and voice-stealing colds. But we are back! This was recorded before the cold, but we are back none the less, discussing the episodes The Public Eye and The Left Hand. Did you guys know this show was pretty dang good? Oh, you did? We are figuring that out. Join us as we try to figure out what is happening in it.

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #9 S2: Belle Chose and Belonging

Sierra-and-Victor-600x400In this episode Sue gets to the bottom of what Belle Chose actually means (it may surprise you- it surprised Em), we discuss the worst human being on the planet, and that Victor is possibly the best and we compare Dandy from AHS to Terry. We discuss other stuff too about these eps, but those are what I can think of right now. We read your feedback too!