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Yes Mother: Bates Motel S4 Wrap up Part II


In this part II, Em, Sue and Cat discuss our top favorite Normeo scenes of the season, name our favorite and least favorite eps, laugh through our favorite quotes, read your feedback, and introduce you to “Em’s alternate universe fan fiction”.  Hope you enjoy and lets all shed a tear as we say goodbye officially to White Pine Bay until next spring.  It’s going to be a loooong winter!

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S4 Wrap Up Part I

Bates.Motel.S04EE09Welcome back to White Pine Bay!  It feels like it’s been forever since we were here.  We hope you enjoy returning there as much as we did.  In this first part of a two part podcast, Em, Sue and Cat discuss our overall  feelings binging this season and new thoughts and theories, then we count down our top 5 scenes of the season.

Part II will include: Our top 5 Normero scenes, or favorite and least favorite episode of the season, a quote section, and Em’s Alternate Universe Fan Fiction!  Stay tuned…

Yes Mother: What We’ve Been Watching Summer 2016


In this bonus ep, Em and Sue discuss some stuff we’ve been watching since Bates went away.  We discuss (in varying degrees of detail and success): The End of the Tour, Happy Valley, Room, The Great British Baking Show, the newest season of OITNB*, American Gothic, Preacher, The Boy, The Conjouring 2, Em’s weird Mubi movies (Werner Herzog marathons, The Best of Youth, A Spattering of political fueled docs including ones about Greenwich Village in the 60’s, Japan’s nuclear horses, and Pussy Riot), The Invitation,  Bloodline, and Deadwood.  Then we discuss more as we read your feedback and recommends.  (We may or may not have entered an unholy pact with Val.)


*Because of reasons, we decided to do a separate discussion in a bit about Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things.

Em and Sue Read Buffy #1 (S8: Issues 1-10)


Well, we have reached our point in the Buffy journey where we have to read.  Season 8 of the comics are new to both of us and we found our first foray into this new Buffy world…interesting.  Join us as we read and then try to sound like we understood what we just read/watched.

*Note:  We go over the plot well enough so that if you never read these before, you should be able to at least grasp what they are all about.  I say this because if I wasn’t podcasting about them, and came ACROSS a podcast about them, I would just listen to that instead of read them.  I thought there might be other people like me. -E

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #6 S1E11&12 “Briar Rose and Omega”

012dd01909b08cab65f43fdd21b4efbfec65abb7e1This season is winding down, but wow- what a way to do it.  These eps have twists and turns, surprises, and fun guest stars.  Em and Sue were quite impressed, I must say.  Join us as we talk about the 2 almost final eps, but they really seem like the final eps.  Weird.

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #5 S1E9&10 “A Spy In the House of Love and Haunted”

01b8ad0142f9500ed9b9c2b9c1917fbbdf39488151This week Em and Sue learn who Miss Lonleyhearts is and we find it pretty sad and pathetic.  Topher imprints a friend, which we find a little sad but not so pathetic.  And we find out some surprising things about Dominic, surprising and a little confusing.  We also decide Haunted was a great concept, but poorly executed.  High society horse people don’t interest us.
All that and a bonus ghost story at the end!

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #4 S1E7&8 “Echoes and Needs”

needs-the-four-of-themThis week Em and Sue watch Dollhouse, and we get a little backstory on the dolls.  We discuss our latest theories on where we think the show is going, and what the new episodes might be about.  But most importantly WHO IS LONELY HEARTS?  And even more importantly– are those chaps for her?

Em and Sue Watch Dollhouse #3 S1E5&6 “True Believer and Man on the Street”

0133d9b09a1d2bea75ab0cbcd425332165f21ff597In this episode, Em and Sue discuss these two pivotal eps of Dollhouse. We also discuss the footwear fashion of cult dresses, and Sue schools everyone about the proper pronunciation of “Zion”. We also had some Mosey like audio problems, but nothing that will effect your listening too much except that we got started too late, therefore unable to discuss the last season of Orange is the New Black as planned. Maybe next week…