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Yes, Mother: Bates Motel S4E7 “There’s No Place Like Home”

01873593f70ee578a9ef256a780dc3a793018f4ce4We have just one long podcast for you all this week, so this one includes the recap and feedback (and we read a bad review!) Good times.
Norman discovers the shenanigans that have been going on in his house with his mother while he has been away and lets just say it doesn’t sit well with him. What is a love sick boy to do?  Answer: work the system to get yourself out of there and back home to no doubt terrorize the town sheriff and get your momma back for yourself! Norma cans and sews curtains. Romero buys a big screen tv. Dylan says I love you. And Prince dies 🙁





RIP, Prince

Yes Mother: Bates Motel, S4E6 “The Vault” Recap

019a867d5ae5900091bce8409e0719914ecb075d01This week Em and Sue try to wrap our minds and our emotions around The Vault. Norma and Chick’s business seems to come to an end, Dylan tells his family about the move, and Norman’s subconscious recounts parts of his childhood Mother is willing to do anything to protect from him. It’s hard to think of an episode that has revealed so much about our characters. And one that has sent so many to the Mama Bear Bed.  LET’S HUG IT OUT!  We still have a season and a half left of this you guys…

Yes, Mother: Bates Motel, S4E6 “The Vault” Feedback ep

Chick The VaultThis week– Em and Sue read your feedback to the Season 4 episode “The Vault” and we do our thing- come up with theories, ponder on the show, laugh, lamely attempt to racially profile the director… all in a day’s work. You know the drill.

Recap will be out tomorrow!


Yes Mother: Bates Motel S4E5: “Refraction” Recap


In this mid season episode, Norma is off to find a stained glass repairman for her non boring window, Emma is a bit insecure around Dylan (until he becomes Quint), Mother introduces herself to Dr. Edwards (whaaa??), Chick and Norma meet(!!), and Rebecca… well, Rebecca is tail spinning into a land called Crazy Exgirlfriendville, seemingly just asking to meet BatmanRomero. Hint: Rebecca- you don’t want to meet BatmanRomero.

La Gata -AKA our sister Cat- escapes the B&B for a bit to join us recapping this episode! Oh, and I totally spoil Sue by disclosing an alleged filming location used in the final ep this season in our spoiler section.

Yes, Mother: Bates Motel S4E5: “Refraction” Feedback


Please indulge Emily by not worrying about how big this picture is, cause it is everything.

In this feedback ep– you guessed it. Em and Sue read your feedback and make their own comments and theories along the way.

At the end, look for (finally) Em’s latest Psycho themed dream. Spoiler Alert it was the night before Easter and that may have played into some details.

What We’ve Been Watching: Catch up version

loveandmercyNo Bates last week, so Sue and Em took the opportunity to discuss some of the other stuff we’ve been watching since the last time we did one of these…yes, it’s been a long time.

In this ep we discuss:
The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Night of the Living Dead
It Follows
An Honest Liar
The Leftovers
Love and Mercy
I’ll Have What Phil’s Having
Downton Abby
The Walking Dead

Did I miss any? Probably. We also discuss a little Bates Motel….

Sue Watches Angel #78, S5: Origin, Time Bomb, and The Girl in Question

wesley IllyriaRemember us? We are back to talk about the some of the last episodes of Angel. In these eps we get to know Illyria a little better, a fairly unwelcome member of the cast makes a remarkably delightful comeback, and we spend a little time in the stradas of Italy.

Yes, Mother: Bates Motel, S4E4 “The Lights of Winter” Recap

bates-motel-norma-romero-aithWell, tonight was a major bummer of a Monday with no new Bates Motel to watch. So, in lieu of watching, why don’t you listen to 3 sisters talk about last week’s ep? It’s the best we can do…

That’s right, I said three- since she was in town, we got our sister Cat (La Gata) to join us in breaking down this fantastic episode.