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Yes, Mother: Bates Motel, S4E4: “The Lights of Winter” Feedback

28-bates-motel.w529.h352In The Lights of Winter, we see Norma and Alex awkwardly face each other at breakfast…Oh let’s face it- the awkwardness was alllll Norma. She ends up meeting him at the Winter Lights Festival though in the end (after a little pep talk with Emma), and is then smooth as hot toddies. Meanwhile, Norman breaks out of Pineview to go to a strip club? Yep. Shenanigans and feather boas ensue. Oh and a visit from Mother of course, for this isn’t the type of place Norman likes…

In this episode of the podcast, Em and Sue (and sometimes La Gata) read your feedback, come up with theories and mama bear. THEN we are joined with one of our listeners who got to visit the set during the filming of this episode, and she gives us some behind the scenes info on their day’s experiences.

Join us!

ps Don’t read too much into the fact that the song is about a girl named “Emily”, it’s just a coincidence.

Yes Mother: Bates Motel S4E3: ” ‘Til Death Do You Part”

960Is that wedding bells we hear? Why yes it is. Is that the sound of my new husband rearranging stuff upstairs? Hmmmm. What did I get myself into? Don’t worry Norma…what could go wrong? Here at Yes Mother we are in pure denial that anything will go wrong and will happily write fanfiction about the happiest couple in the world, running the town and a lucrative motel business and are gloroiously happy til death do they part. A long, long, time from now. *sigh*
What? Who? Where did I go for a second? This is Bates Motel. It’s all going to go to #@$%!& isn’t it?

Ah well, won’t the ride be fun?

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bates. Or Romero. Or Bates-Romero. She’s keeping her name!

Yes Mother (Bates Motel): S4E2 “Good Night, Mother” Episode Recap

romeroIn this episode of Bates Motel, we spend some quality time with Norma and Norman. Although it’s not all His Girl Friday, card games and cake baking… Nope- it’s comprised mostly of suspicion and antics. Of course it is. Oh, and one other little thing– Romero accepted Norma’s fool marriage proposal, and it was enough to make even Sue squee.
In this podcast (besides squeeing) we go over the entire episode scene by scene, discussing the finer points. Join us!

Disclaimer: Sorry for the lack of staff at our hotel enterprises. Ra’uf is doing the very best that he can. We’re thinking about hiring Cagney and Lacey.


Yes, Mother; S4E2:” Goodnight, Mother” Feedback discussion

hqdefaultEpisode 2 did not disappoint! Nor did it lack in feedback. We thought we better break this up into manageable pieces. We may do this quite a bit in the future if you guys keep sending us feedback (DON’T STOP!) The episode discussion will follow shortly (like tomorrow).

We added “discussion” on there because you know we do more than just read your feedback.

At the end you get a glimpse of what podcasting with Emily can be like.

Yes Mother, S4: Ep 1, “A Danger to Himself and Others”

01ffffad0ffd69cc1c582b29b66d27e3937bcae66eHow glad we are to be back to White Pine Bay (even if there are a few more bodies in it). Things have gotten off to a cracking start- Norman is spending much of his time either talking to mother or being her, Norma is scheming half baked schemes and Romero is having none of it, Emma is getting new lungs, and we see the seedier side of what Oregon has to offer in the way of mental health. Oh- and Emma’s mom thought sneaking in to meet Norman would be a good idea (spoiler alert: it wasn’t). Listen to Norma next time when she tells you to stay away from her son!

On the podcast, we are able to reacquaint ourselves with many of our hotel and B and B guests by reading their comment cards, and the seedier “Normero Inn” gets it’s first occupant. But you will have to wait until the end to hear our vocal comment card from Matt A and his bossy, interrupting, robot girlfriend who is always trying to tell him where to turn. We also recap the episode in the only way we know how over here at Yes Mother- with laughs and discussion and theories.

Join us! You know we always have fresh towels, peepholes, and good times.

Sue Watches Angel #77, S5: A Hole in the World, Shells, and Underneath Part I

5.17I had to break up the discussion into 2 palatable chunks. This chunk includes Cat’s Crypt, Feedback and Sue and B’s first reactions to the events that played out in these unforgettable eps. Good news– both parts include B and Harold! You won’t want to miss them! Part II coming as soon as I can possibly get it done, which may mean next week.

Yes Mother: Preparing for the new season and deleted scenes from S3

bates-01This podcast is basically everything Em and Sue talked about that night that didn’t have to do with Normero. Then we spliced in a call we put into room #1 and discussed with Harold the deleted scenes from Season 3. We are really just excited for next week! The linens are freshly laundered, we put all new light bulbs in all the rooms, and the peepholes are polished and nicely hidden. Norman- make sure you iron that blue dress! We want you looking sharp. See you all on Monday!