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Ghostlight Podcast Episode Zero “Introductions”

Logo Final FlatMeet The Ghostlight Podcast Team, and learn a bit about the podcast, Introcasts, and best of all the series we will be watching, “Slings & Arrows.”

In the time since we recorded this introduction, we recorded our Episode One as well.  But fear not! I will not release Episode One until you all have time to watch the episode and send us feedback. One more time, our email is, and the voicemail line is 206 202 6378.  I will wait at least seven days from when you are hearing this before I make a feedback appendix for Episode One.

The Ghostlight Podcast Supplement A – What is an Introcast?

Episode Zero is recorded and will be released in a couple days!  For those of you coming in from outside the Introcast Community, here is a quick explanation of just what we mean by Introcast.


Music on this episode is 012516 by deutscheunschuld.  Available at