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IdjitCast Newbie Intro – David Bushman!

We are very happy to introduce another of the Idjitcast Newbies today. This man is the curator for television at the Paley Center in New York and is one of the cast of culture experts on the Pop Culture Wars Podcast ( Please welcome David Bushman!

David joins Paul Maki and John Pavlich to discuss his work with the Paley Center, what television first affected us personally, and a little on so-called “reality ghost hunting” shows.

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IdjitCast Newbie Intro – Yvette!

We are pleased to introduce another of our hosts! I have been highly enjoying listening to her over the past year or so, and I know you will too. It’s Yvette!

Listeners to our sister podcast on QuadZ, “Investigating Mars” will need no introduction. She was a fresh newbie going into Veronica Mars, as well as a podcast newbie. I had the pleasure of guesting on several episodes of “Investigating Mars” during their run. Now Yvette is an Introcast veteran with one completed series under her belt.

IdjitCast will be rebooting with an Omnibus Episode which will cover the 5 episodes from the old series. Feedback time will be limited as we cover five episodes in a single recording session, but please feel free to send something in!

Recording for the Omnibus Episode is Friday, May 30 at 8PM CT! 

Send us your feedback!

Email: Please Put the Episode Title in the Subject Line!

Voicemail: 206-309-9389 Please Use the Episode Title in the first sentence or two!

Idjitcast Host Intro: John Pavlich!


I am very pleased to reveal one of our new hosts of the Idjitcast. Please welcome our new Expert, John Pavlich!

I have listened to and worked with John for many years, and am very excited to have him aboard the rebooted Idjitcast.

Also SPOILER ALERT!!  This podcast has a section at the end where I disclose all the ways in which I may have been spoiled going forward. This is to avoid any possible situation where the Newbies cross-spoil each other (“So, everyone knows Angel is a…”). This section will be at the end of each Newbie Host Intro that follows as well.

Spoiler Section begins at approximately 7:12, and continues through the end. Do not listen if you are a newbie, or if you are planning to view along with us as a Newbie Listener! There is a Spoiler Alert Tone immediately preceding.

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IdjitCast Episode #005: Bloody Mary

We have yet to find regularity, but here we are with one of my favorite episodes of season one. Listen to see if the newbies agree…

I’m also really excited because I finally get to introduce the tangent bell, and in lieu of the IdjitCast theme I have a surprise song at the end following a promo for the hilarious Ramjack Podcast. Stay tuned!

IdjitCast Episode #004: Phantom Traveler

Phantom Travler - Dean Turns and looks at the camera

Aaaaand we’re back!

So sorry about the long hiatus, folks, but you may notice that this is episode 4, instead of episode 3. That episode is out there, it exists, but I’m still working on restoring some not ideal audio since the main file was lost. Who knows when that will be ready, since I’m going to move on to editing the other episodes we have recorded (the newbies want to keep watching the show, so we’re way ahead).

Please enjoy the long awaited return of IdjitCast with my first favorite episode (the why may already be apparent), Phantom Traveler. More will come soon. Seriously. I mean it this time.


P.S. I made that gif. XD

IdjitCast Ep #002 – Wendigo

A new episode is here and I promise, we will be weekly from here on out. We don’t have Monica on this one (or the next one) but luckily, we have Simone to save us from limited points of view as our very first guest host! Also, if you can’t tell from the screencap for this week, I’ve started watching Battlestar Galactica.



IdjitCast Ep #001 – The Pilot

Don't let the blood drip on the baby!

Monica and Paul have actually started watching Supernatural! Listen as we discuss the pilot… a lot. Like, for an hour and a half. Don’t worry, folks, future episodes won’t be quite so long.

At one point I’m discussing cover art. Here it is to compare and discuss:










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IdjitCast Ep #000 – IdjitCast debuts!

They look like a boy band, I had to use it!

Episode 0 is finally here, introducing Allie, Paul, and Monica before they get to watching “Supernatural.” What do they think the show’s going to be like? Click the download link to find out.

Note from editor: I was going to include a link to the promotional video I show the newbies in this, but it has been taken down and I can’t find the same one somewhere else. It was to a Dave Matthews Band song, if any of you original viewers remember it.