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IdjitCast Season Eight, Cluster A

This week we look at our first episode cluster of the season, Episode 2 “What’s Up Tiger Mommy?” and Episode 3 “Heartache.” Is Heartache worse than Bugs?!?

Yvette is back with us this week, and we talk through these episodes, also taking time to mention:

Something better be surprising…

Health grossness.

With yogurt.

Their momma never told them they’d better shop around.

We still dip into the Whedon pool.

“Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever” mentioned again.

Remember that whole Dick thing? Nope?

The Rev is playing Winnipeg, Manitoba on Friday and Saturday night this week.

Backwards exorcism cool, but poor Eunice.

Paul was thinking of Season 3 Episode 16 “No Rest for the Wicked”

Paul confuses Alfie with Cate Blanchett.

Whedon pool. No fire ax.

Paternity throwaway?

Castiel welcomes you to Hot Topic.

Special Hot Topic scent.

Spencer Gifts is same company as Spirit Halloween Stores, but not Hot Topic.

We take our bets for Castiel’s return.

How Purgatory Works:

Can you kill a soul? Hey Brad Cupples, what is a soul?

Darcy’s dad was not a priest.

Gravel in the throat.

Alleged Louisiana accent? No thanks, Benny.

Did Dean kill Cas? These are things the Newbies wonder.

Cosmo with replica Mjolnir

Time out for movies.

Fox gets Samandriel’s name right this time.

Jensen directs a real steamy episode. Um, I mean a real steamer.

Jensen’s Dad is in it, though.

Paul stays classy.

Is a “Go Fish” (in the Whedon Pool?”)

Purse those wrinkly lips!

Indefensible hair.

You win, now die!

Darcy was Mayan-prescient.

Mayan God of Corn:

Sloppy homework.

No Harry?

I looked up the Bunny Hole.

So this episode was an accident, then?

Burner smartphone?

The worst ever?!

Supernatural is sadly light on positive black characters, Rufus aside.

Paul says something mildly outrageous, but not wrong…

Apparently it is like “Go Fish.”

Dull as dishwater, Amelia and Riot?

Paul mixes up Lucifer and the King of Hell, but one of them is gone, never to return…

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IdjitCast Season Eight Episode One “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

This week, “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” No, put away the crossbow, and let’s look at the first episode of Season Eight. It’s another year between seasons, and this time Sam is the one who retired and lived life on Main Street. Dean is fresh from Purgatory and totally forgets that other time there was a year between seasons when Dean retired and lived life on Main Street. The boys are reunited and they go off to find adventure and prophet.

Bianca joins the podcast as a new permanent expert, and we talk about the episode. As usual that’s not all, you may also hear:

A hearty welcome to Bianca!

Goodbye Sera, Hello Jeremy.

There’s where that crossbow came from.

Crossbow? Not unless you are 21!

Paul references 2×05 “Simon Said”

Generally fewer classic rock needle drops in S7, on further review.

Trying to guess how long things string out.

Does Purgatory have a Great Clips?

Sam is Sun-In hippie Jesus?

How do you get a vamp in your arm?

Random cabin trip or plan?

Pot, meet kettle

Paul with the deep Sega reference.

This is not the Whedonverse.

Benny had to have eaten some folks, no?

Smelled dog in Baby.

Darcy has Guthrie, but Paul has no Glass.

There’s something very Canadian aboot these guys, eh?

Put a pin in Darcy’s Mayans until next week.

Darcy posits it was a demon dog.

Paul quietly references Peaches & Herb in the background.

Bucket baths.

Reading prophets vs writing prophets

So Dean/Benny ships as Denny? Certainly not Bean…

Paul’s all alone here…

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Yes Mother: What We’ve Been Watching February

Em and Sue once again talk about what we watched.  (Feedback episode to follow shortly).:

11:15 – The Handmaid’s Tale

28:45 – 11/22/63

38:00 – It

47:50 – The Last Jedi (Spoilers!)

1:07:20 – Retribution

1:12:20 – The Farthest Voyager in Space

Sorry about the music quality at the end- I don’t know why and it’s way too big a pain in the butt to fix.

IdjitCast Season Seven Episode Twenty-Three “Survival of the Fittest”

Time to wrap up Season 7, and somewhat the end of an era on IdjitCast. Be sure to listen all the way until the music.

We get to the bottom of the episode, but also take time for:

Paul flirts with his wife.

Mardi Gras has transitioned to Fish Fry Season.

Re: Lazy, see: release date.

Mythbusters were good at car crashes.

You may not be able to trust the King of Hell.

Sincerely, Donald Duck

Sincerely, Fergus Duck

Nine per inch.


See it come out of him, insist if you must.


Red Vines vs Twizzlers, to the death, perhaps? (BuzzFeed alert)

Cas thinks ahead… and he cures.

Checkin’ Out the Checkout Girl?

No Sofa!?!

Nothing living in our couch.

“I am the arm.” Betcha didn’t expect that reference. “KEATON!” Or that.

It’s safe. Wrapped in plastic.

The crucial Polly Pin.

Nondairy creamer culling. (And that stuff is explosive too.)

Compliance testing

So, like a Wagyu guy?

We’re down with the Dick plan.

You were tiny.

Spotted Dick tangent, because we’re Americans. And emotionally 12.

Tinned Dicks.

That’s a lot of Dicks.

“Isn’t that a member of service staff from a hotel we stayed at last week?”

Supernatural poof taxiing. Not that sort of poof.

And Bobby was never seen again. Right?

Pulsating exploding Dick.  Just let me get this out of my system…

Happy upcoming Birthday, Simone!

Still Doug-ing

Come sign up for an episode or two!

Nope, just ep 1.

Staff changes between Season Seven and Eight. An Announcement.

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IdjitCast Newbentary for “Survival of the Fittest”

It’s time to watch the Season 7 Finale this week! Will Crowley make a deal with Dick, sealing the world’s fate as doped-up leviathan kibbles and bits? Can Sam and Dean get hold of a righteous bone? Can Castiel string together enough moments of sanity to help with any of it?

Grab a playable copy of Season 7, Episode 23 “Survival of the Fittest,” and watch along with the Newbies as they see it for the first time.

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IdjitCast Season Seven Cluster F

Last week, we watched an episode take the highest combined ratings ever given by our hosts! This week: Cluster F. What does that mean? Listen to find out.

Yvette was unable to join us but provided brief reviews and ratings for the ratings segments for episodes 7×21 “Reading is Fundamental” and 7×22 “There Will Be Blood”

Listen this week to hear:

Actual loveliness.

Blame it on builders.

Sorry/Not Sorry.

Yeah, Death not the Devil.

Better use of a teen on Supernatural.

That clay was clay last week, wasn’t it?

Pour one out for Rickman.

Cigarette butts?

Alive as an act, though Bobby Hatfield is dead.

A royal tangent. Sorry, a royal-ty tangent.

Shared high points are okay.


Bobby Angel?

It’s a cookbook!

Mayor > Dick

Jumanji penis tangent.

Replicants and 7-year-olds.

Radishes or lay down a beet.

Snark was missing.

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What We’ve (Individually) Been Watching, Jan 2018 Edition

Here’s part two!

La Mante 0:12
Psych 6:20
Black Mirror (S3&4) 12:38
Iron Fist 26:38
Anne With An “E” 31:40
The Code 44:44
The Good Doctor 51:03
The Tunnel 57:02
Alias Grace (brief mention really) 1:02:46
The End of the Fxxxing World 1:06:03
The Night Of 1:08:45

IdjitCast Season Seven Episode Twenty “The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo”

Someone’s bringing her ginger magic to Supernatural, and it’s a fever dream of geek references. But will our cross-section of hosts all see this as a good Day?

Nutty joins us as we discuss “The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” in full, and just wait until you get to the ratings section!

On the way to that section, there’s a chance we will also delve into:

Happy Birthday Dean!

D&D TV is apparently consistently good.


Exposition Ghost or Angel?

Does Dick have a magic machine?

Vamp Willow Foiler

“The Adventures of Charlie,” coming soon on Hulu?

We’re on the wrong timeline because Darcy is mean to butterflies.

Private email server?

Like Kurt said… What else can I say?

Superman would never go and collect all the kryptonite in the world, would he?

Jesus clay?

Yvette’s summaries are more fun.

Luna? Rule 34

Never stop swearing.

…And then Paul brings up WTWTA 1973 1980

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Yes, Mother: What We’ve (Both) Been Watching Jan 2018 Edition

Long time no chat! Em and Sue missed podcasting and missed you guys, so we are back and discussing a few things we’ve been watching. In this episode (there will be another soon) we discussed some shows we both saw, then we went on to each pick a few shows the other hadn’t seen and talk about those. I decided to break it up into two podcasts, so you’ll have to wait a few days for that.  (10 points if you understand the music reference at the end.)

Shownotes if you want to skip around (we didn’t go into anything I’d consider a spoiler, so you should be safe on that regard):

6:35- The Crown S2
16:35- Glitch S2
23:05- Broadchurch S3
30:05- Little Big Lies
44:05- Mindhunter
54:00- Lore
1:02:30- This Is Is (Us)
1:09:05- Riverdale

Sidebar: My laptop refused to acknowledge my new headset’s mic, so I had to use earbuds for this one, but the good news is- I ordered an honest to goodness podcasting mic that will be here before we record next, so I (Em) should sound better next time (Now I feel like I need to get myself a messy desk, sunglasses and learn to smoke).