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Quadruple Z Episode #016 – Review of Chuck S2x12 – Chuck vs. the Third Dimension

Join Tabz, Kim and Faith as they discuss this very special 3D episode of Chuck. recap:

Chuck has to protect rock star Tyler Martin, while Morgan wins two backstage passes to Martin’s concert, so he needs to decide who will become his “plus one”.

This is a special 3D episode.

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Still Flying Episode #001 SPOILERS – Serenity (Experienced Crew)

Join Kim, Murray, Carol and Ryan as they discuss their reactions to the Newbie Cast, their own memories of watching Firefly for the first time, their favorite characters and their review of the podcast. This is a companion cast. No, not that kind of companion.

Warning: Do not listen to this podcast if you have not seen all of Firefly (including the movie Serenity) as there are MAJOR spoilers. Also spoilers for Buffy, Dollhouse and Angel.


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Still Flying Episode #001 – Serenity (Newbies)

Welcome to our newest introcast: Still Flyin’, a podcast about the show Firefly. Join Tabz, Harriet and Melanie as they discuss the episode “Serenity” from Firefly, why they don’t like Badger, why they adore Kaylee, and make predictions on the rest of the series!

WARNING: Minor spoilers for Buffy and Dollhouse in this episode.

Harriet – Some point we’re going to see the Reavers
Harriet & Melanie – Jayne’s going to turn on Mal
Melanie – Learn more about Shepherd Book
Melanie – More between Mal and Inara

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Theme song: “Gotta Fly” by Marian Call
Intro/Credits: Dan Putnam (Mal from Firefly Between the Lines)

Next episode: “Serenity” with fans of Firefly (i.e. people who have seen the series already).

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Quadruple Z Episode #015 – Review of The Mighty Boosh S1x6 – Charlie

Join Tabz and Emma as they discuss The Mighty Boosh! And why this is their favorite episode of the series.

Recap from
Howard is hell bent on a career as a serious writer in the hope that he’ll improve his chances with Mrs Gideon. However, when famous publisher Hamilton Cork arrives at the Zoo-Niverse, he decides to publish Vince’s literary efforts about a pink bubblegum character called Charlie. Meanwhile, Bob Fossil has embarked on a new breeding programme for the pandas.

Lisa and Tabz Get Lost in Los Angeles – Episode #001: Flappers in Burbank

Lisa and Tabz present our new podcast, “Lisa and Tabz Get Lost in Los Angeles.” It’s kind of a travelog of our adventures doing stuff in Los Angeles because we love the city and there’s so many cool things to do. Join us and our co-host The Evil GPS as we talk about Flappers in Burbank (and a bunch of random things). Warning: if you want a structured podcast — this one isn’t for you.

Next time on this podcast: Lisa and Tabz get lost on the way to a press screening of KILLER ELITE, the upcoming action-thriller starring Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Niro and Yvonne Strahovski.

This episode was edited by Lisa.

Intro & Outro music is “Are We There Yet” by Beatnik Turtle

Flappers in Burbank

Throwing Toasters (Grant Baciocco)


Jen Kober

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BluthCast Episode 3 – Bringing Up Buster

This week we discuss Bringing Up Buster with our first guest host Tabz! This week we find out how John shows his love. Someone becomes the Robin of BluthCast. Tabz explains to the newbies how to properly say, “STEVE HOLT!” And we ask one of the most important questions there is in life what exactly does the cornballer actually make? …Oh, and John hates teenage girls.

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On the Next BluthCast we’ll be discussing Key Decisions!

PS: Kelly Jo here, I just want to apologize for the week delay in the podcast. Sadly Hurricane Irene does not seem to enjoy Arrested Development or BluthCast. But we’re back on our regular schedule now. STEVE HOLT!

Quadruple Z Episode #014 – Review of Chuck 2×11 – Chuck Versus Santa Claus Recap:

It’s Christmas Eve and the Buy More team works on the decorations for the annual sale while watching a live car chase on TV. When Devon and Ellie come for a visit, the car chase ends at the store with the perpetrator taking everyone at the store hostage.

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Quadruple Z Episode #013 – Review of House 6×7 – “Teamwork”

Join Tabz, Emma and Heidi as they discuss House Season 6, Episode 7 “Teamwork.” Review

House is finally reinstated and takes on the case of a porn star with eye pain. Meanwhile, Chase and Cameron try to resolve their relationship issues after Chase’s admission, and House tries to bring back Taub and Thirteen.

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(Photos: House Fancaps)

Consulting Sherlock Episode #001 – Study in Pink

Join Tabz, Emma, Kim, Heidi and Scott as they discuss the BBC series, Sherlock. Tabz and Emma have seen the series before, but Kim, Heidi and Scott haven’t!

Episode recap from
The police investigate the deaths of a series of people who all appear to have committed suicide by taking a poisonous pill. They turn to their unofficial consultant, Sherlock Holmes, who deduces various elements pointing to a serial killer. Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes is introduced to John Watson, and the pair immediately move into a flat in Baker Street. John Watson slowly gets to know and trust Holmes despite a police officer warning him that Holmes is a psychopath and will one day be responsible for murder. A man who calls himself “Sherlock Holmes’ archenemy” kidnaps Watson and asks whether he’ll spy on Holmes for money, but Watson refuses. After a series of incidents, the person responsible for the deaths, a taxicab driver, reveals that his victims took their own lives by playing a game of Russian roulette with two pills: one fatally poisonous, the other safe. Watson shoots the cabbie, who reveals as he dies that Moriarty masterminded the entire plan.
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Theme Song: Sherlock By StudioMig and David Cyr (from Music Alley)
Artwork: London Eye by telegram (Stock.xchng)

BluthCast Episode 2 – Top Banana

This week we discuss Top Banana. Ryan’s stuck in the cold in the banana stand. We also find out that everyone feels bad for George Michael. John’s not a Maeby fan. And we all remember that there’s always money in the Banana Stand.

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On the Next BluthCast we’ll be discussing Bringing Up Buster.